Meeching History

Prior to the 1939-45 World War, Freemasonry in the Newhaven area of Sussex was represented by Homestreu Lodge No. 3277 and Homestreu Chapter No. 3277. These Lodges met in a small hall next to what used to be the Newhaven Urban District Council Offices in Fort Road, Newhaven. It is better known today as Meeching Hall.

Homestreu Lodge purchased the hall and converted it into a small but very convenient Masonic Hall with adequate space for a Lodge room, equipment room and adjacent rooms for robing and committee meetings. This old hall was the meeting place for Masonic gatherings for many years to come until the opening of the East Brighton Masonic Centre at Jerrom Hall, Seaview Road in Peacehaven, East Sussex.

On the outbreak of World War 2, the town of Newhaven was annexed by the British Royal Navy and Homestreu Lodge and Chapter were consequently forced to leave the Temple at Fort Road and meet at Sankey's Hall in Peacehaven. The Fort Road Temple was handed back after the end of hostilities and Masonry once again took up it's meetings there.

At this time, a considerable number of enquiries were being made by friends and relatives of established Freemasons who wished to be considered for membership of Homestreu Lodge and for this reason it was decided that the time had come for an additional Lodge.

W.Bro. James Baldwin of an established family from Newhaven, undertook to investigate the possibility of an additional Lodge and brought together twenty members of Lodges in the surrounding districts who were ready to become founder members of the new Lodge.